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Our delicately fragrant Sugar Loaf Scented Candle is named after the town where we have called home and have worked for over 40 years.  As you know it is always offered in a wide variety of colors.  It burns cleanly and will bring enjoyment to you for 60+ burning hours.

Enjoy the Light!


  • We ship via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate and most packages are delivered 1-3 days after shipment is made.
  • We use Large Flat Rate Boxes for orders above 6 and up to 12 Sugar Loaf Scented Candles.  The shipping and handling charge is $20.00.
  • We use Medium Flat Rate Boxes for orders of 6 or less Sugar Loaf Scented Candles.  The shipping and handling charge is $15.00.
  • Payment is made by posting your check payable to:  The Candle Shop, POB 147, Sugar Loaf, New York 10981.
  • As our colors are always changing, it is best to contact us via email or phone if you are looking for specific colors.  All inquires are promptly answered.
  • The cost of each Sugar Loaf Scent Candle is $10.00.
  • The diameter is 3" and the height is approximately 5".


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Red, Eggplant, Burgundy, Cranberry, Country Red, Mauve, Ballerina Pink, Bubble Gum Pink


 Hunter, Evergreen, Medium Green ,Olive, Grass, Seafoam ,Sage, Lime, Granny Apple, Pastel


Cobalt, Deep Blue, Medium Blue, Sky, Baby, Turquoise, Teal, Seafoam Blue, Periwinkle, Blueberry. Williamsburg Blue

Orange & Yellows

Pumpkin, Orange, Melon, Gold, Strong Yellow, Butter


Deep Purple, Grape, Violet, Lavender


Paper White, Parchment, Ivory


Chocolate, Carmel, Walnut, Beige, Tan